I’m Back!

Whew! Long weekend, and a lot of riding. My butt and my back are sore. But we had fun. There were lots of bikes to ogle, lots of people to ogle, too. I mean there are the regular biker people, folks who come to see the bikers, and then the people who dressed oddly. Seriously, I wish I had gotten some pics of the strange outfits. Like the girl in the white hot pants with pantyhose underneath and the pink haltertop and omg she so needed a bra. Well, maybe it’s best you don’t see a pic. Bad enough I had to see it.

It was hot during the day and cold at night, which when you had the packing crisis I did means I had to buy a new jacket at the Harley Davidson store in Fayeteville. :giggle:

On Friday night we rode the bike down Dickson St and…I’m not kidding…there were wall to wall people lining the sidewalks, five foot deep, and no one was moving. It was like people sardines. Really scary for the claustrophobic. What a madhouse and I wanted no part of that crush. Yikes!

Saturday morning was much nicer. Crowded, but manageable. Pics below!


These pics are all of Dickson St, the main drag where all the bikes ride up and down…ya know, to see and be seen.

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Me and Biker Dude.


Dickson St from the other direction.



And we’ve decided we need a bigger bike :giggle: