Monday Ramblings


I love summer and hate every other season. Summer means flip flops and heat and everything I love. The other seasons mean cold weather. Period.

However, the tail end of summer and the bringing on of fall means ….football! Biker Dude and I are rather rabid Oklahoma Sooners college football fans, so the fall season brings the start of football season, and I’m jazzed. OU played their first two games already (and won). Other than needing some major tweaking to their special teams and defense, they’re looking awesome. We’re keeping our fingers crossed. Are you a football fan, college or pro?

And of course, we’re also big NASCAR fans, and the race for the chase is on, and this is an exciting time of year. The field is set and the race is on. Did your favorite make the field? (if you’re not a race fan, you of course have no idea what I’m talking about, so ignore this paragraph :giggle: ).

My granddaughter’s first soccer game was Saturday. Nothing like watching a bunch of 5 year olds bunched up over the ball. Adorable. My son coaches the team and he’s so serious about it all, really works hard with the girls (this is his second season with the same girls). I think I find that more amusing than anything since I remember HIM being 5 when he started soccer. *sigh*…how time flies.

Did anyone catch the premier of TRUEBLOOD last night on HBO? It’s based on Charlaine Harris’s southern vampire series. I admit to not having read this series, but I liked the first show. Very atmospheric and mysterious and love love love the characters. They also did two preview shows before hand and I was thrilled to see them interview Charlaine Harris and L.A. Banks. Being a romance author, any time another romance author is profiled, especially on television, I get so excited. It’s almost like I’m up there with them and it gives our entire genre a boost.

So today I’m digging deeper into revisions for TAKEN BY SIN. I’ll be at this awhile….

What’s on your to do list for the week?

Note: Special shout out to my friend, author Shannon Stacey, whose husband is having major surgery this morning. Do think about her and say a prayer or light a candle or think special thoughts if you wouldn’t mind.