Vacation Stuff and Working

So our vacation plans were thwarted because of rain. We arrived in Hot Springs and it poured. And poured. And poured. So we checked out and came home and finished up our vacation week there. And frankly, we had a great time just hanging out and doing things from home.

We went to the Aquarium, which had opened here a few years ago but we’d never gone. Had a great time looking at all the underwater life, from things that livein lakes to under the sea. There were even a couple giant turtles!


The shark tank was kind of meh. We definitely enjoyed all the other aquatic life much more.

The tattoos we got were already mentioned on a previous blog post (omg I’m at the healing stage now where the damn thing itches and of course you can’t scratch it. :gah: )

We went to the gun range–twice. Once indoor, once outdoor. I like the outdoor a lot better. Brighter, less closed in, and my brother-in-law went with us. He let me play with a few of his guns. I was in lust with his 9mm Glock and now I must have one. The .22 with the laser sighting gave me incredible accuracy too. I hit the bullseye on the target every time. (This is all research for books, of course. :giggle: )

I think the best part of vacation was just relaxing, not working, and being able to hang out with Biker Dude all week. We both really needed the down time. So even though we weren’t able to be on the beach or do what we had originally planned to do, it was a great vacation.

And I’m loving being able to watch the Olympics every night. We’re enjoying that a lot, especially all the swimming last week. This week, it’s track and field which Biker Dude likes a lot. I like the gymnastics too. And the opening ceremonies were astounding! I’ve never seen anything like it.

So now it’s back to work for me. I’m going to try and write a novella this week. We’ll see if I can do 25K in a week. I wrote 5K yesterday, so if I can keep up that pace every day this week, I’ll get it done. Wish me luck.