What Happens When It Rains Here

We had a couple days of rain this week. And when I say rain,  I mean RAIN. Like over 24 hours of rain. And then rain that came down in buckets. Literally. Here, let me show you.


Rain2 We tend to flood when it rains. That’s supposed to be grass and our driveway under all that water. And part of the back yard.


Rain4 Part of our front yard, the entire street, and neighbor’s yard across the street is under water.

Rain 1 What happens is we all have a ditch that runs along the front of the yard. The ditch can only hold so much water. Pity the guy who lives at the end of our block. His entire yard gets flooded, as does the street.

Rain3 That shot is across our yard into the neighbor’s yard at the end of the street. (Isn’t my birdbath cute?) And our poor pine tree is missing one of its center branches. It took a hit during the ice storm last winter. We’re hoping it recovers. We didn’t want to cut down ALL the trees.


Oh well. The grass was starting to get dry. Much as I hate to say it considering it rained for about 6 months nonstop, we really did need it. But not quite this much at one time :giggle: