But What If I Died?

So Biker Dude and I took this long bike trip this weekend. We did about 260+ miles in one day. Fun. Long hot day, but fun.

I’ll tell you all about that later. What’s interesting is that when I ride with him, I have a lot of time to enjoy the open road and do some thinking. One of the things that popped into my mind over the weekend was….what if he and I died? Who would notify my online friends?

Biker Dude knows my closest friends are here online. If something should happen to me, he knows who to call. But what if he and I should have an accident or die together? My kids wouldn’t have the slightest idea who in my list of cell phone contacts to call. Should I put a (bff) next to their names so they’d know? :giggle:

Yes, I know this is a morbid topic (one of said bff’s, Angie, did the same kind of post this morning. You can tell we hit on a hot topic. But it’s one that was seriously thought provoking.

A lot of us forge friendships here on the Internet. Maybe not in person ones, but bonded ones nonetheless. What if one of us just disappeared? Would we know who to get in touch with? Do our loved ones/family members know who to call if something should happen to us?

Deep stuff for a Monday, huh?