Jackie Kessler’s Hotter Than Hell


Daun. Daun Daun Daun.


If you don’t know who Daun is, then start with the first book in Jackie Kessler’s Hell on Earth series,  Hells Belles, move onto The Road To Hell and finish up with Hotter Than Hell, Daun’s book and so aptly titled for that steaming studmuffin incubus.

I’ve been waiting for Daunuan’s book. And Kessler delivered in spades. (Spades. hehehehehehehe). Daun is one hot sexy tease in the first two books, and I just knew he needed to be taken down a peg or two by falling in love.

And he does in Hotter Than Hell. But not in the way you think. Oh no. Kessler never delivers what you expect. Reading her books always means the unexpected.

Did I fall deeper in lovelust with Daun? Oh hell yes.

Did Daun find the woman of his dreams? Hmmmmm. Yes, I think he did.

But Kessler doesn’t write a traditional Happily Ever After, so if you’re looking for that in this series, you won’t find it. What you will find is fun, laughter, unexpected, choking emotion, smokin’ hot scenes and some of the best storytelling you’ve read in years.

Read Hotter Than Hell. Lust after Daun. Everyone else does.

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