Wind and Weather and Water and Writing and Weirdness

So the effects of this spring’s weather have been interesting.

First, we’ve of course had a shitload of rain, same as what happened last spring. That means our front yard ditch is loaded down with….crawdads. Yeah. Crawdads. Hey, we live in the country. We get all kinds of interesting flora and fauna ’round here.

Biker Dude was out wandering the front yard the other night and said there were about 30 or 40 of these crawling out of their night holes:

Funny looking critters, aren’t they? They really like that wet mud. A. Lot. We need to get our granddaughter over here and let her go crawdad exploring at night. She’ll enjoy that. :giggle:

Yesterday we went to the lake for Biker Dude’s company picnic. The water level on the lake is up. A. Lot.

Couldn’t even find the boat ramp. It was under water. Probably why there weren’t many boats out on the water yesterday. Plus the winds blowing about 40mph made it really choppy out there. Ugh.

Wind wind wind. We took a bike ride this morning out for breakfast. Riding on a motorcycle in strong winds is not my idea of a good time. When the wind grabs hold of your helmet and it feels like it’s going to lift your head clean off your neck? So not fun.

The wind really could stop blowing so damn hard. Seriously. Thanks.

Writing went really well this past week. I set out to do 5,000 words a day with the goal of 20K a week until the book is done (omg it’s a tough goal!). I’m about 2500 words shy of hitting that goal for the week, so now that NASCAR is on, I’ve got the laptop on my lap in front of the tv and I intend to get those 2500 words so I can make my goal for the week. I’ll let you know how I do.

Oh, and I chopped all my hair off on Friday. It was growing out long and it looked REALLY BAD. Now it’s cute. I have a hair appointment on Tuesday so I’ll let my hairdresser fix the choppy parts, but considering I did it myself, it doesn’t suck. Heh. :sasmokin:

Edited to Add: Before and After Hair Photos:

Before – Long, stringy, no shape. Bleh. Not to mention every time the wind blew, I ended up with my hair in my mouth. :gah: This is Biker Dude and me at the rodeo a few weeks ago.

After – After I’d reached the end of my rope. Or my hair. Heh.