This Week’s Television

If you haven’t watched this week’s shows yet, there might be spoilers.

American Idol – I thought Jason and Brooke sucked rocks this week and should have been in the bottom two. No way Syesha and Carly should have been. But alas, Carly got the boot. Then again, her time was going to be upper sooner or later. People have got to stop letting thier 10 year old girls dial the cell phones. They’re keeping Jason in the game. Dude just doesn’t have the talent. My boy David Cook rocked it as usual. Who do you like?

America’s Next Top Model – The Italian Commercial just killed me. I thought they were all pretty bad. And I can’t stand Dominique. Why do they seem to like her? Bleh. I Thankfully Lauren the klutz is gone. The girl was a total ditz.

Ahhhh. Grey’s Anatomy returned last night. I’ve missed it. It was good. Not enough McDreamy though. But it was great seeing the whole gang again. Too bad there are only going to be 5 shows until end of season. The writer’s strike really messed with the season, but at least we got our shows back for a bit. Meredith still annoys me. Nothing new there.

Survivor – How dumb are these people with the Immunity Idol anyway? Twice in two weeks? Morons. And some of the women are bitches. And that Natalie chick? Dude. Was she PMSing or what? She’s vicious. I could never be on this show because I don’t think I like anybody on there. It’s entirely possible I’m too nice to be machiavellian. How sad. :giggle: I really like James the best but now that the women are systematically picking off the men, unless he wins all the immunity challenges, he’s toast.

So what do you watch that makes you happy…or irritates you?

I miss Project Runway.