I’ve been fighting this horrible bout of insomnia the past few months. Typically I lay my head on the pillow and I’m out cold. But not lately.

I don’t drink caffeine past my morning coffee. It’s diet 7-up for me, so I know it’s not a caffeine problem. And sometimes Biker dude and I will be watching tv before bed and I’ll have a hard time keeping my eyes open. Then we move into the bedroom and when it’s time to go to sleep, I can’t. So I don’t know what the issue is, but falling asleep has become this epic battle lately and it’s beginning to really annoy me, because when I do manage to sleep it’s a very light sleep, which means I wake up a lot during the night.

Maybe I should just start getting up and doing some writing. At least I’d be productive while I’m not sleeping :giggle:

So, anyone have sure fire cures for insomnia? I’m getting desperate. 😥