This and That

Today I’m over at the 70 Days of Sweat blogging about Comparisons. It’s hard for a writer not to compare his or herself to others, but really, try to avoid this!

So I made bread last night (yeah, with my current schedule I’ve got time for that, right?) But Angie bought this great cookbook called Aristan Bread in Five Minutes A Day (the link to the book…pic included) is on the sidebar of Angie’s blog) and told me about it and Biker Dude and I love homemade bread so I just had to try it out. Loved it. It’s a little bit of work but not the kneading and rising and more kneading kind. And it tasted awesome and looked beautiful so I’m really pleased how it turned out. I’m really not the gourmet chef kind of person, but I do love to cook…as long as it’s easy. :giggle: Anyway, trust me when I say this is easy. If it’s complicated, I don’t do it. Heh.

So this week I have to work both on my daily writing goal and on galleys for The Darkest Touch. I’m not fond of juggling multiple projects. I’m a one project at a time kind of writer. But sometimes I have no choice. I can’t set aside the writing to work on the galleys because I have a drop dead deadline on this book I’m writing, which means I have to write every day. And the galleys are due back next week, which means I have to work on those every day, too. So I juggle. 😥 Sometimes you just gotta make it work.

Anyone watch American Idol this week? What did you think? I think Kristi really needs to go home. And what the hell was Carly doing in the bottom 3?