My Weekend

24 hours with a 4 year old (o.m.g. I’m tired). The kidlet spent the night Saturday. Fun stuff. But I’m tired.

Went to 4 year old’s soccer game
Went out for pizza for #1 son’s birthday
Made 2 loaves of home made bread
Made a birthday cake for #1 son’s birthday – said 4 year old helped decorate cake
Made baked sweet potatoes – with marshmallows
Baked a ham
Worked on galleys for The Darkest Touch
Worked on writing for The Darkest Temptation (no, not taking weekends off right now. Deadline crunch time)
Hid easter eggs
Finished reading a book (I’ll tell you which book soon. :giggle: )
Dinner with familiy on Easter
Did lots of dishes. Lots. Of. Dishes.

I’m tired. And now it’s Monday which means more galley reading, more writing. Busy week ahead. :titanic:

Hope you all had a fun, relaxing weekend.