Top 10 Signs A Book Is Written By Me

Gena Showalter and Jill Monroe did this, and I’ve seen several others too, so thought it would be fun to give it a try.

Top 10 Signs A Book Is Written By Me:

1. There’s typically always a scene or two in the kitchen or held somewhere during a meal. My characters like to eat. Hey, I’m Italian. Food is my life.

2. Biker Dude will always be noted on the dedication page. I couldn’t do this without him. :heart:

3. Lots and lots of dialogue. My characters like to talk. A lot. (The Italian in me again.)

4. One or both characters had parental issues. I don’t know why that is, since I really loved my parents, but for some reason my characters tend to come from backgrounds where their parents influenced them, and not positively. Go figure. Makes for great drama, I guess. :giggle:

5. Water. I really love the water, and almost all my books have a beach, an ocean, a lake or some kind of water in them.

6. Smokin’ hot sex scenes. Even in my mainstream books, you’re going to find steamy hot sex. In my erotic romance….no holds barred. :sasmokin:

7. Deep emotion. I love me some emotion. Heartbreak, angst, tears, anger, fear You name it and it’s in there. If my characters make me cry then I figure I’ve done a good job.

8. Imperfection. I don’t write perfect characters. They’re going to have flaws and they’re going to make mistakes and at some point in the book One or both of my main characters is going to annoy the crap out of you for the choices they make. How else can they grow and earn the love of their partner? I’m a big fan of imperfect characters and watching them change throughout the course of the story.

9. Secondary characters. It’s very rare that I write a book that doesn’t have at least one secondary character that could at some point have his or her own story told. I love secondary characters. They add a richness and depth to a story and to the main characters, and for some reason they tend to tap me on the shoulder at some point begging for me to write a book about them. It can be annoying at time, especially if they’re very strong characters and they threaten to take over the book.

10. Series. “Series” is my middle name. (See #9 above). I have so many series books going right now it makes my head spin. That’s both a good and a bad thing. I blame the secondary characters. :giggle:

If anyone else wants to play, feel free. Let me know if you’re blogging about your Top 10.