Writing and Seeing and Bike Things

Finally I’m only working on one project! I can’t tell you how happy this makes me. Digging into RIDING TEMPTATION without distraction has really helped me crank out the pages the past couple days. Which is a damn good thing because I have exactly 66 days left to finish this book.

Ack. I wish I hadn’t done that calcuation. :chair:

In other news, I’m trying contact lenses again. I tried them before, unsuccessfully, for about six months, before giving up and going back to glasses. I really want them to work this time because when we ride the Harley I can’t wear my glasses, hence can’t see a damn thing. Yes, I could get prescription bike goggles, but we’ll try the contacts first.

Right now my eyes itch and hurt and everything is blurry. So it’s going very well. :loser:

Maybe I’ll end up doing like Carly Phillips suggested and just get several pairs of cool glasses so I can change them according to my mood. We’ll see.

This weekend we’re going to ride in Tulsa’s Boo Ha Ha parade. We bought scary biker masks, which are actually face covers to keep our faces warm. But truly, you should see Biker Dude’s skeleton mask. I must take pics. :giggle:

What’s up for your weekend?