Update On Buddy

So here’s the scoop on Buddy, our Lab. (For those who didn’t see the weekend update on what happened to him, click here before reading on)

We took him into the vet’s office today so he could be x-rayed. He not only ripped out the internal sutures from the first ACL surgery, he blew out the other knee, too. That means surgery on both back legs. 😥

So tomorrow he’s having double ACL surgery, and about two months worth of recovery this time. We’ll be penning him up in the SMALLEST PEN IMAGINABLE so the moron doesn’t try and turn corners like a running back and screw up yet another leg. :fuckwit:

He’ll be guesting at the vet’s office for several days this time since they’ll have to help him maneuver around the first few days.

I’m going to rename him the Million Dollar Dog. :dumbass: