J.D. Robb – It’s All Angie’s Fault

So last weekend I read the very first J. D. Robb book. Well, it was more like devour it in one sitting. And yes, I do realize I’m probably the last person on the planet to jump on that bandwagon.

Anyway, loved it. Love Roarke. Love him, love him, love him. Sign me up. I’m a convert. I’m in the club. I’m all in.

And speaking of J.D. Robb, it’s all Angie’s fault. She’s been after me for a VERY long time to read this series. I’ve resisted. I don’t have time to invest in another new series. I’m busy. But finally I couldn’t resist any longer. Now that I read the first I want all 397 or however-the-hell-many-there-are.

Angie, I hate you.

And damn you Nora. I have deadlines. I don’t have time to search out your 397 J. D. Robb books. And then read them all like RIGHT NOW. (But I want to.)

I am so screwed. 😥