This is dedicated to…

So I finished revisions and copyedits for RIDING WILD! :cheer:

But before I ship the mss back to my editor, I have to work through the really hard part: the dedication.

Dedicating a book isn’t easy. And it’s something I take pretty seriously. I’m not kidding when I say it takes a freakin village to write a book. I never do this alone, though sometimes it feels that way when I’m making myself insane wondering if what I’m writing is utter crap and also wondering who the hell can tell me if it’s utter crap and who could I ask to look at this crap and tell me if it’s crap or am I just imagining crap when it isn’t (only other writers…or my agent or editors will understand what I just said. :giggle:)

So when all is said and done I need to figure out who helped…and who to thank. Who inspired me, who kept me going when I said…this sucks (I say that a lot when I’m writing a book), and who was part of that village that helped me.

Because even though I sometimes feel alone on this writing journey…I’m never alone. I’m always right in the middle of a well populated village.

Off to write that dedication. :bat: