A Great Review!

Gwen from The Good The Bad & The Unread did an awesome review on my Samhain book, Show Me, along with Show Me’s companion story, Shelley Bradley’s Watch Me.

She gave both books such wonderful reviews that I thought I’d share a snippet or two from her review:

Review of Shelley Bradley’s Watch Me:

I enjoyed the heck out of this book. It was a cute story and a neat premise. I haven’t read any books where one of the main characters was a professional ballroom dancer and I found the details of that interesting. Now, don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t know a foxtrot from a boxing match, but I found the details of being a professional anything interesting.

Review of my book, Show Me:

This book was as much fun as the first, but didn’t have as much of an edge, though I cared about these characters more and her writing is just smooth as silk. I love Jaci Burton’s erotic scenes – they’re second to none. Oh my goodness – I get all embarrassed reading her sex scenes when I’m in public – my face gets all hot. It’s pathetic. Nobody can see what I’m reading, but I blush nonetheless.

Both books are very much worth the time and money to read. These two writers are in a short list of authors who can write erotic romance without making it seem oogie or peurile, AND still carry a plot (!). Highly recommended reading.

Doesn’t that rock?

Please check out the entire review of both books here.

and thank you Gwen! :doglick:

Show Me is currently available as an ebook at Samhain. Check it out here.

Watch Me is currently available as an ebook at Samhain. Check it out here