I Totally Knew What Day It Was (Sort Of)

So maybe it was 10:15 before I remembered it was Monday and I probably should blog. Duh.

I’m at the office with Biker Dude today. It’ll probably be a 12 hour workday. Fun stuff. (See me rolling my eyes here?)

I finished writing UNWRAPPED, my Samhain novella, over the weekend, and turned that into Evil Angie. One project done! :boobie:

This week (after my ungodly long day at the office today) I’ll be working on revisions for RIDING WILD that I received in the mail last week. Hopefully I can get those knocked out this week. Hopefully.

My son and his family should arrive sometime Saturday night, so I’d like to get caught up on work by then (really, I’m never caught up and won’t be for about a year. But I’m pretending I don’t know that. :giggle:)

And I have a million things to mail at the post office. Really, I am going to try to do that this week. Thank you for being patient. And I’m still waiting to hear from some contest winners. I know I had lots of contests recently, so check through the blog posts here. You might have won and I don’t track people down. I’m too busy (and too scatterbrained). So in other words, you snooze, you lose.

So this week’s To Do List looks something like this:

1. Revisions on RIDING WILD for Berkley

2. Post Office

3. Clean up extra bedroom for arrival of #1 son and family

4. Clean up other bedroom for arrival of #1 son and family

5. Clean up house (it’s a mess)

6. Grocery shop (Having food in the house would be good, huh?)

7. Work on plotting next Berkley Heat book. (I have an idea. :sasmokin:)

That’s all I can handle this week. What’s on your list?