Sydney Croft Talks about Riding The Storm and a Contest!

You might win a prize, so read on :cheer: (Oh and I haven’t pulled a prize from Monday’s post yet. Doh! I’ll do all the prize winners on Friday since I’m lame and have lost my brain cells this week.)

RIDING THE STORM released this week from Bantam Dell (Actually it released the same day as Hunting The Demon…how cool is that?) I was so lucky to get an advance peek at this book well before it released. RIDING THE STORM is unbelievably great erotic romance. It combines two of my favorite genres–erotic and paranormal–and ads a third of my favorite things–weather. What’s not to love? Weather is sexy, especially when turbulent Mother Nature messes with the hero and heroine and the result is utterly explosive. :sasmokin:. And what I especially love about these books are the heroines are just as strong as the heroes. No wimps at all in these stories. :boobie:

I asked Sydney Croft, who is actually the writing team of Larissa Ione and Stephanie Tyler, to guest on my blog today and tell us a little about their ACRO series. I met Larissa and Steph right after I signed on with Bantam Dell, and we became fast friends. They’re funny, quirky and completely neurotic, just like me. I love them. :giggle:

If you haven’t bought this book yet and you love sinking into a hot, sexy, melt-your-bones erotic romance, do so now. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

The book is available now at your local bookstore, or you can order it here

Check out Sydney’s website here

And I’ve linked to both Larissa and Steph’s websites above. They also write for other publishers, so check them out. In fact, as a prize today, I’m giving away one of each of Larissa and Steph’s books from their other publishers. Steph’s Blaze Coming Undone and Larissa’s Secrets Vol 18. So ask a question or comment and I’ll choose a winner tomorrow.

Okay enough of me rambling. Here’s “Sydney” :

Hi, everyone! So cool to be here – it’s awesome to share a release date with Jaci because both Steph and I are huge fans. Plus, her demon hunter books are awesome. And of the contemporary paranormal variety.

I love how her books are set in the real world, present day, but she weaves in a paranormal element that gives the books a very movie-like quality.

When Steph and I started the ACRO (Agency for Rare Covert Operatives) series, we were going for something similar, except with lots of sex, and maybe just a touch of over-the-top action.

Our novels are set in present day, and we use current world issues as a backdrop. Our world is populated by normal people as well as people who aren’t so…normal. But they are still what we like to think of as “natural,” even though many of our characters have extraordinary abilities such as super strength, super speed, telekinesis, the ability to electrocute at a touch…

And you’re wondering how in the world any of that could be natural, right?

Well, we looked to nature to create our characters.

Consider horses. Thoroughbreds, Arabians, quarter horses…built for speed. Their spleens are enlarged, and they are built so that they can bring their legs forward quickly in preparation for the next stride, something that larger horses can’t do as well.

Their bodies are perfectly suited for moving quickly. Clydesdales, on the other hand, are built for strength. Their bones are bigger, their muscles more developed.

Similarly, compare cheetahs and lions. Greyhounds and mastiffs. All big cats or dogs, but designed for entirely different purposes.

We took cues from all these animals and created humans who were just as diverse, though not so obvious. We have one character who can charge her body with electricity, much like some fish and eels can do. Yet others can blend into the background like chameleons.

Some might say that psychic powers aren’t natural or even real, but we made them real in our world, and they frequently come into play.

We love the extreme abilities our characters possess, as well as the plots that grow naturally out of those abilities. And with the natural world as our guide, the types of characters we can create are endless. I mean, there are flowers that smell like corpses, insects that spit a sticky, tobacco-like substance, frogs that make you hallucinate when you lick them…yeah, maybe those are things best left in the animal world.

Or assigned to villains.

So anyway, we’re super excited for the release of Riding The Storm, the first book in our ACRO series. We’ve got some fun characters and plots coming in future installments, and lots of steamy sex, hot alpha males, and heroines who aren’t afraid to kick some ass. We hope you enjoy the books!