It’s Release Week!!!!! Excerpts, Contests and More!

HUNTING THE DEMON releases tomorrow! I’m so damn excited I can hardly breathe (the ‘can hardly breathe’ part is really true. Chest is tight, feel like hyperventilating. Typical pre-release anxiety. :chair:).

So if y’all start seeing it at the bookstores, let me know. I won’t object to anyone sending me pictures of it on the the shelves at the bookstores either :giggle:

I’m so giddy and happy about Hunting The Demon releasing that I’m going to give away prizes this week. So stay tuned because we start today.

Today, everyone who comments will be entered into a drawing for a wicked cool ‘I *HEART* DEMONS’ compact mirror.

It even comes with its own little velvet tie bag. Now really, who wouldn’t want to put on their lip gloss with a mirrored compact like that? :gorgeous:

And now, here’s a nice, steamy excerpt from HUNTING THE DEMON. Hope you enjoy :fire:

(c) 2007 by Jaci Burton

Heat. Pure unadulterated heat, starting at Shay’s toes and steaming its way upward through her limbs, pooling between her legs and staying there.

The way Nic looked at her when he issued his dare, the intensity in his eyes and the way he leaned in, crowding her personal space and capturing every breath she took. It wasn’t fair. She was prepared to defend herself if he tried to escape. She wasn’t prepared for seduction. And every part of his body language right now screamed his intent.

He hated her. Didn’t he? Was he playing some kind of game with her? Or did he have ulterior motives? Dammit, her senses were in hyperdrive and she couldn’t think straight.

“What are you doing?”

He stood and so did she, backing away from the kitchen table. He followed.

“I thought you were immune.”

“I am. I’m thinking you’re after my weapons.”

That half smile of his was more lethal than any weapon. “I’m not interested in your gun, babe.”

Her lower back hit the kitchen counter. She looked left, then right, thinking it was cowardly to run. Besides, she was assigned to keep an eye on him. “I’m supposed to be teaching you how to use the weapons.”

“Lessons learned. I got it. Now I need to know just how immune you really are.” He placed one hand on either side of her hips, caging her.

“Back off, Nic.” Her protest sounded weak, even to her.

“You don’t want me to back off. You’re curious. You want to find out just how much of a bad boy I really am. If the image holds true. You want to pick up where we left off the other day in the pool. Do you know how sorry I am that I backed away from you? That I didn’t do what I really wanted to do you?”

Oh, God, that was so unfair. Could he hear her heartbeat? She could. Her palms were sweating, her throat was dry. So were her lips. She licked them and tried to swallow. His gaze dropped to her mouth and followed the movement like a predator. She felt like prey, too—like a morsel he intended to swoop down and take.

Did she want him to take? Yes, she did. They’d been circling around this insane attraction from the moment he’d stepped out of the ocean. She’d been hit by a ton of bricks that morning and hadn’t recovered, despite her duty to her job, his kidnapping and subsequent anger. Her vibes had been ringing like the Salvation Army bell ringers at Christmas—nonstop and insistent.

She could tell herself a hundred times that there was nothing special about Nic Diavolo, but she already knew that was a lie. There was a connection between them she couldn’t deny any longer, and the closer he got, the more she realized that he was danger with a capital D. She needed to keep her distance, but God help her, she didn’t want to fight this any longer.

Shay gripped the edge of the counter and he moved in. His lips touched hers and she inhaled a ragged breath, held it, then exhaled on a moan as his mouth took possession.

She hadn’t expected an explosion of sensation when he pressed his mouth firmly over hers, slid his tongue inside and turned her world upside down. Her stomach did flip flops and flames shot between her legs, roaring like gasoline thrown on an already raging bonfire. Her legs began to shake and she forced them to still.

Good God Almighty, it was an inferno. Nic surged forward, his body pressed up against hers in every intimate way possible, the hard ridge of his erection shocking her as it hit the sweet spot of her sex. Her body wept in response, needing that joining in a way that stunned her.

She wasn’t prepared to have sex with him. She’d allowed a kiss. One simple kiss.

How stupid could she be? Didn’t she remember what it had been like before? Nothing about Nic was simple. The way he moved his mouth over her, plunging his tongue inside and weaving it around hers, ravaging her lips with careless abandon and rocking his body in a very obvious invitation—oh no. All these things were clearly meant to disrupt every synapse in her brain, to complicate her life in ways she couldn’t begin to fathom. Because all she could think was sex. Sex, sex, sex. She wanted to be naked and on the kitchen table, laid bare to be touched and kissed and licked. She needed him inside her in a way she’d never needed before.