I finished my book!

So….Sven rocks (the sweaty guy in the lefthand sidebar)

I started this 70 Days of Sweat writing challenge on July 8. At the time I started, I had 149 pages or about 37,000 words of The Demon’s touch completed. And I really needed to crank the writing of this book into gear, so I was glad to join in.

I’ve also been working on promoting two upcoming book releases at the same time. I took a week off for the RWA conference. My son also came to visit for a week during this time period.

But I wrote. Nearly every damn day, without fail.

I finished The Demon’s Touch on Wednesday. First draft came in at 441 pages, so in the course of 6 weeks, I wrote almost 300 manuscript pages or about 73,000 words.

Like I said, Sven freakin rocks.

Thank you Alison and all of those who coordinated the 70 day writing challenge. You made me work and I really needed the boost and inspiration.

And I even finished the book before the end of the challenge! Wooo hoooo! :boobie:

Now I need to edit the book and get it turned into my editor, but the hard part–the first draft–is done. And the book isn’t technically due until December 1st, but because of my new contracts I really need to turn it in early, so this is just great!

Clearly I work well with a challenge and knowing others are also working toward a goal.

When are we doing this again? :giggle: