Two Awesome Reviews For HUNTING THE DEMON

I received an awesome review of HUNTING THE DEMON from PUBLISHER’S WEEKLY!

In her steamy follow-up to Surviving Demon Island , Burton introduces demon hunter Shay Pearson, a member of the Realm of Light, the good guys dedicated to keeping back the demon menace. She’s on a mission in Sydney, Australia, to locate the Diavolo Diamond heir, sexy surfer and half-demon Nic Diavolo, and bring him back to agency headquarters by any means necessary; once there, Nic’s to meet his brother, who will determine if Nic will band with the Realm or with their sinister enemy, the Sons of Darkness. Spotting him in nothing but low-slung board shorts, however, gives Shay other ideas—like, for instance, satisfying her lust for his rock-hard abs. Nic, meanwhile, is oblivious to the demonic forces within him, save for a recurring dream of long-taloned beasts clawing at his feet and worshiping him—dreams he begins to fear are visions of what’s to come. Burton brings the heat, jazzing her otherworldly suspense plot with numerous passionate interludes, without letting the explosive good vs. evil saga flag. Hot sex, fierce battles and an impending sequel make this title worth hunting down.

Publisher’s Weekly 7/30/07


Burton is back with another intensely sexy and action-packed adventure. The war between the Sons of Darkness and Realm of Light enters round two with all the passion and verve of the first. Sassy, sexy, supernatural thrills!
Reviewed by Jill Smith

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