Excerpt – Wild Nights from EXCLUSIVE Anthology

If you’ve read Wild, Wicked and Wanton, and if you fell in love with Mike Nottingham from the “Wild” story in that book, I have good news–he’s getting his own story in Wild Nights, coming in September in the Exclusive anthology with Berkley Heat! :boobie:

How about a little peek into what’s in store for Mike?

Excerpt after the jump

About the Anthology:

Three stories that make the most forbidden fantasies come true.
Welcome to the club….

Three masters of erotic romance extend a private invitation to the after-hours
club of your dreams. The cost: your inhibitions…

Eden Bradley’s Sanctuary…
Innocent Devin Delaney never thought of herself as kinky, until a visit to the dungeons of The Ring. Here, a true submissive like Devin is considered quite a prize among dominants like Shayne. The only question is how far is Devin willing to go to please her man—and herself?

Jaci Burton’s Wild Nights…
Grace Wilde owns a swingers club—but rarely indulges in the fun. It takes a newcomer like Mike to sway her. Pure country. All animal. And up for a good time. But can two people who thrive on independence find a compromise between absolute sexual freedom and total commitment?

Lisa Renee Jones’s Purple Magic…
Ever since her friend vanished into the hedonistic world of Manhattan’s forbidden clubs, Joline Moore’s been searching for her. Now she’s plunged into a depraved darkness she never imagined—and into the arms of Drago, a mysterious stranger who may be her sensual salvation…

Some fantasies aren’t for everyone.


(c) 2007 by Jaci Burton

“Is that why you don’t partake of the fun and games at Wild Nights?” he asked, curious whether it was choice or just part of the mystique.

She shifted, stared out at the lights of Las Vegas again. “Partly. I have responsibilities at the club and if I spend all my time engaged, I can’t cater to my clientele. But yes, I’ve also become a bit jaded. I used to play a lot more than I do now. Because I’ve done it all. It doesn’t have the allure it once did.”

“When you’ve experienced everything, and more than once, there’s no thrill.”

She looked at him. “Yes. That’s it exactly. I sometimes wonder if I’ll ever find the one man who’ll be able to touch me the way no man has been able to touch me before.”

He smiled. “Oh, that guy.”

“What guy?”

“The perfect man. He doesn’t exist.”

She returned his smile. “Nor does that perfect woman you’re looking for.”

“We’re both alike, Grace. Looking for something or someone who can’t be found.”

“So what do we do about that?”

God she was beautiful. Her hair shined like blue-black magic in the lights from the strip. The silk of her skirt and top clung to her body like shrink wrap, molding to her breasts and hips. He wanted a taste, a touch, to sink inside her and see if she held the magic key to what was missing in his life. He hadn’t felt this comfortable with a woman in too long.

Or maybe he just wanted to avoid what was going on downstairs. Maybe it didn’t have the allure he thought it would. In that, he’d been honest with her.

What he really wanted to explore was sitting right next to him. Grace had fired his engines in a big way. Her intellect, her free spirit, her honesty and her beauty—all of them intrigued him more than any woman had in a long time.

“One night. Give me one night with you. No promises other than enjoying each other.”

“We both know we’re not going to find what we’re looking for,” she said, her gaze betraying nothing of her emotions at the moment.

“I know, but I like being with you. Isn’t that enough?”

“Is it?”

“I’ve been honest with you, Grace. That’s really all I can offer.”

He watched her face as she absorbed his words, wondering if she’d toss him out and deny him, and herself, a chance for a night together. She knew him. Okay, that was wrong. She didn’t know him, but he figured she knew hundreds of guys just like him. Men who’d had lots of women. She probably thought he was looking at her as just another conquest.

When he first came here tonight that’s exactly what she’d been. Another challenge. But she’d rocked him back on his heels and gut punched everything he thought he wanted. She saw right through his bullshit. He needed a woman like that.

She stood. “Let’s just take this slow, see how things go.”

He nodded, instinctively understanding that was important to her. “However you want to set the ground rules.”

“I don’t really like rules, per se…and I haven’t said yes to anything yet.”

Her voice had gone smoky and the atmosphere in the room changed in an instant. From polite conversation to something more elemental—something definitely darker, with more promise.

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