RWA – The Last Pics

Okay, finally got the final pics formatted from Dallas. Check them out after the jump

Me, Angie James and Mandy Roth

Me and Alison Kent

Blogger Kristie J – such a sweet, wonderful woman. I so enjoyed talking to her.

Naughty Nikki (She’s really not naughty at all. She’s adorable and was such a big help to me during booksignings)

Author Maya Banks – So funny and so talented!

Tina Trevaskis from Borders – So much fun, so knowledgeable about the industry. Loved spending time with Tina! She’s such a great person.

Author Gennita Low – love her books! She’s so nice too. Don’t you love friendly authors?

Blogger Heather Harper. I was so thrilled to meet her!

The Bantam Booksigning. (Thanks to Michelle Pillow for taking pics!)

I’m doing “kiss kiss” with mega talented bestselling author Sunny. Love her!

Hugging Nalini Singh. Isn’t she just adorable?

Walt, always the picture taker, never the takee. :giggle: Angie took this one.

PC Cast, Gena Showalter and Nalini Singh

Author Alison Kent