Weekly To Do List

Thanks for the nudge, Teri :giggle:

I know I say this all the time, but wasn’t it just Monday? Now it’s Monday again? gack.

Not sure I got a ton accomplished last week. I do need to get a lot done this week, because I leave on Saturday for a week out of town. Partially Biker Dude’s work trip, partially a research trip for me. :boobie:

We’re heading to Louisiana on Saturday afternoon, and won’t be back until the following Friday night. I’m really looking forward to this trip because I get to do some research, some gambling, and take a little downtime, which I really need. But I’m also taking the laptop because….have deadlines, must write.

So, this week’s To Do List:

1. Write. Write write write write write on The Demon’s Touch. Write more. :sasmokin:

2. Think about packing.

3. Make a packing list. Think more about packing.

4. Make a list for daughter who will be watching all the beasties while we’re gone. :doglick:

5. :laundry:

6. Pack

7. Work at the office with Biker Dude :charlie:

8. Go to the mall and buy two skirts, two blouses, one tank top, one sweater and a new pair of shoes. Okay, so I might have already done this today. :giggle:

I’m certain I’ll forget something. :hide:

What’s on your To Do List this week?