Shannon Stacey’s Taming Eliza Jane

Bemoaning the dearth of western historicals?

Moan no more. Get thee to Samhain Publishing and buy Shannon Stacey’s Taming Eliza Jane.

Funny, sassy, heartwearming, and with a cast of characters you’re going to root for and fall in love with.

I loved this book. Read it in one sitting. Could not put it down. Of course that typically happens to me whenever I pick up a Shannon Stacey book (is there any genre she cannot write? The woman amazes me).

If you love western historicals, you’ll love this book. Go get it today!

by Shannon Stacey

When a man sets out to tame a strong-willed woman, he’d best hang on to his hat.
Will Martinson, the town doctor, already has a heap of troubles on his plate, what with a pregnant whore, an ailing friend and a sheriff with a bad habit of shooting people. The last thing he needs is a strong hankering for a woman who think it’s her duty to turn a man’s life upside-down.

Eliza Jane Carter is a woman on a mission. She’s going to improve the lives of the women in Gardiner, Texas before moving on to the next town. But when her finances take a turn for the worse and her chaperone heads for the hills, Eliza Jane is stranded in a town full of riled up menfolk, a gun-happy sheriff and one handsome doctor who makes her question everything she ever believed about the love between a man and a woman.

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