New Tagline – Need Help

So I’ve been thinking it’s time to change my tagline.

For years it’s been “Feel the Passion”, which was fine, especially when all I wrote was erotic romance.

But I’ve expanded beyond that and need something new. Because now I write contemporary erotic romance, general romance, and hot paranormal romance. And the paranormal romance has aspects of adventure and suspense. And my new Berkley book coming out next year will be contemporary erotic romantic suspense So I’ve been toying with some new taglines, have been brainstorming and now I need your input.

For those of you who’ve read some of my books, I figured you could help identify the ‘new me’.

Here’s a few options:

Fun, Sexy, Suspenseful

Emotional, Sexy, Adventurous

Emotional, Sexy, Suspenseful

Adventure, Sizzle, Suspense

Passionate, Suspenseful, Adventure

Edgy, Passionate Adventure

Passion on the Edge

Suspense on the Edge

Adventure on the Edge


Ugh. This is so not easy.

Which of these, if any, do you like?

And I am REALLY open to other suggestions, too. Hit me!