Wild, Wicked & Wanton – Excerpt!

One week until Wild, Wicked & Wanton releases! :hips:

Edited to add: A few people have already spotted Wild Wicked & Wanton in their local Borders stores! If you happen to spot it please let me know!!!!

How about an excerpt?

Warning: This is erotic romance. Explicit adult content ahead. Not suitable for those under the age of 18.

(c) 2007 by Jaci Burton

When Mike leaned her over his arm, she felt like the heroine in a romance movie, and Abby finally understood what the word swoon meant. Holy shit, this was romantic as hell. And hot, as his tongue pressed insistently between her lips, invading the recesses of her mouth to sweep against hers. Things like this didn’t happen to people like her.

Mike was almost too much for her senses, and she was already on maximum overload just being held against him. To feel his hand threading through her hair, his mouth insistent over hers, his tongue plunging in and out was like having her mouth fucked, like a tease, a promise of great sex to come. It was a good thing he was holding her, because her limbs were trembling. When was the last time she was kissed like this? Hell, she’d never been kissed like this! It made her want to search out Chad and kick him for all he’d lacked. She grasped Mike’s arms, felt his strength, his heat, and wanted to strip him down right out here on the balcony, then explore every inch of him with her tongue.

When his other hand began to move along her leg, sliding upward toward her thigh, inching inside the hem of her dress, she shuddered. Her pussy quaked with need. Shock mixed with desire, and she didn’t know whether to stop him or open her legs wider and beg him to fuck her right there.

But he lifted her upright and pulled his mouth from hers, breaking the spell. She was dizzy, disoriented, and damned turned on.

“Sorry,” he said, his voice thick with desire. “Lost control for a second. We’d better stop before I end up with my fingers inside you.”

She shuddered and let her eyes drift closed for a second, wrapping herself around the visual. And that would be a bad thing? Reality had been stripped away, and she was in a fantasy land right now. Of course, he would have to be the one to think logically. She breathed in and out to clear her head. She could only imagine what she must look like: her hair a mess from his caresses, her lips swollen from his kiss.

Okay, time to get a grip. She glanced down, her gaze zeroing in on his magnificent cock outlined against his pants. And holy Christ it was huge! So much for gaining control.

“Sorry. I was kind of lost there for a second, too.” She lifted her hand and tried to fix her hair.
He reached out and smoothed it for her. “You look beautiful.” He blew out a breath. “Goddamn, Abby, I want to fuck you.”

Her heart skipped a beat. How was she supposed to respond to that? Honestly, probably. Isn’t this what she wanted? She should tell Mike that’s exactly what she wanted, because she did. Her pussy was wet and aching for his fingers, his mouth, his cock on her and in her.

“Hey, did you two start without me?”

She whirled at the sound of Seth’s voice. He stepped out onto the balcony with a waitress in tow. She carried a tray of champagne glasses and a bottle. Seth picked up the bottle and three glasses, then winked at the waitress. “Close the door behind you, Cin.”

“You bet, Mr. Jacobs.”

Seth turned to them. “So, what did I miss?” He poured champagne and handed Abby a glass. She reached for it, her hand shaking, and took a long swallow.

“Not much,” Mike said. “Abby tastes good. At least her mouth does.”

Oh, God. She was going to go up in flames right here on the balcony. Would the people inside notice the bonfire through the sheer curtains?

“Is that right?” Seth placed his glass on the ledge and took Abby’s, handing it to Mike. He placed his palm on Abby’s neck. “I think I need to taste, too. May I?”

Oh yeah. She was going to implode. Right now. But first, she was going to kiss Seth. “Yes. Definitely yes.”

His kiss was softer than Mike’s. At least at first. Tentative, he applied gentle pressure to her lips, then drew her closer, his fingers encircling the back of her neck, his other arm wrapping around her waist to draw her against his muscled strength. She felt his cock, hard and insistent, rocking against her sex, touching her clit. Explosions went off inside her. When his tongue hit hers, it was like a shock to her system. She whimpered against his mouth, then he groaned into hers, licking at her tongue like he was starving. The sensuality in his kiss was like water to a thirsty woman. She craved it like nothing ever before. Where Mike was abrupt fire and passion, Seth was coaxing and teasing, like climbing a slow stairway to ecstasy. These men were driving her crazy.