The Right Behind Contest

Since everyone seems to be at the RT convention but me, I think I might have to do some giveaways…providing y’all are still around and lurking.

So who’s still around and lurking? Come on…show of hands here. I’ll draw some winners from those who post daily on my blog. I think I’ll give away some of my books. Y’all like books, don’t you? Hmmmmmmm?

Pop on in and tell me what you’re doing this week while others are off partying their butts off at the Romantic Times convention in Houston.

I’m plotting Demon on the Run, my next Demon Hunters book, and of course getting ready for the imminent release of Wild, Wicked and Wanton.

And for those who dig contests, Angie is having a Left Behind (as opposed to Right Behind, so to avoid copying her contest name, that’s what I’ve decided to call mine :giggle:) contest on her blog. She’s got some awesome giveways so go check it out!