Okay so I am trainable

My blog has a new look!

Frauke of Crocodesigns did a template redesign for me so I now have 3 colums instead of 2. Doesn’t it look great?

And, what’s even cooler is, she installed these wicked awesome widgets so now I can make changes to my blog template myself, something I’ve never been able to do before. (I really do want to be self sufficient)

You see, I’m html-inept. No matter how hard I try, my mind has not been able to grasp the concept of html. Ask those who put up with me daily. They’ll agree. There’s a reason Angie and Shan have access to my blog. I really just don’t ‘get’ html.

But Frauke spent a half hour with me over the weekend and explained html code, and I coded my covers and such, and look. It actually worked and it’s all in the right order and I didn’t blow anything up. Truly, it’s astounding.

The woman rocks! Thank you Frauke! :cheer:

Sadly, Angie still controls my smilies, so that idiot emoticon she created remains. Someday I’ll figure those out too. :giggle: