Friday Potpourri

Yeah, I got nothin today. So you’re getting a mishmash of thoughts going on in my brain. Sorry, people.

1. It’s Friday the 13th today. Is anyone superstititious, and if so, what are your superstitions? (And why is that word so damn hard to type?). Me, when I spill salt I toss a few granules over my left shoulder. Don’t ask me why. And I won’t walk under a ladder. And I really don’t like to open an umbrella in the house.

2. Where the hell did Men in Trees go? It disappeared off the television schedule, like, poof! Gone. I know it wasn’t cancelled, but where is it? Did Anne Heche have another breakdown?

3. I’m still plotting the next Demon Hunters book, and I’m stuck. Stuck, stuck stuck. Bleh. And now I’m working on a super secret project that I’m also plotting. Yeah, that’ll help me with the Demon Hunters book. Not. :dumbass: I want to start writing and it annoys me when something isn’t working. *slaps brain upside the head*

4. Anyone have fun plans for the weekend? We have rain coming in all day today and part of tomorrow. Yuk. And I’m on office duty with Biker Dude all day tomorrow. Double yuk. And Sunday I have to prepare the guest room because we have a visitor coming in next week. Triple Yuk. So tell me something fun you’ll be doing this weekend, because clearly I won’t be. :chair: