I’m plotting the next Demon Hunters book. Or as I call it right now, chapter upon chapter of the characters talking to each other and doing little else. Ugh. :dammit:

Does not make for exciting paranormal suspense, but this is always the icky part of plotting–creating the story. I know what I want to have happen, it’s just making it happen on my plotting board and turning that into a synopsis that doesn’t sound dry and boring that’s the hard part. As I write, the characters and their actions and the suspense come to life. But the really eye-opening thing is, I’ve discovered that I’ve evolved as a writer over the past couple years.

I used to be a careful, detailed plotter, laying out the entire story in advance. It was easy. Now I like to create the world and the story as I write it. Not so useful when you need to do it in advance of writing the story. Trying to see the story in my head before I actually write it is becoming a bit…painful. More ugh.

So what I have to do is basically….guess. Yeah, that’s pretty scientific, isn’t it? I have to plot the story as I think it’s going to go, with all the action, romance, suspense and paranormal aspects. I have an idea of the entire story from start to finish, just not the detailed parts–like what the characters do in every chapter, and how all the pieces fit together.

Some fun, huh? Not. 😥