I aim to misbehave…

Little did Jaci know when she woke up this morning that she would be hijacked. Oh yes, you see, earlier this week, Jaci taunted me. Not just once, but twice. And she came onto my home turf to do it. Foolish, foolish Jaci. She forgot one small detail. I have the power of the smilies. And I’m the ONLY person with the power of the smilies. All of them are stored on my computer and now? They’re goooooone. I’ve taken the smilie joy away.

Well, I left her one :kuh:

So, as a sort of punishment, I’m going to make you, her readers, work to get them back. You’re wondering how it is that you have to work to get Jaci’s smilies back? Simple, she’s going to give you prizes for doing it. I’ll leave the prizes up to her, but I’ll expect to see at least one print book and one download in the offerings or…no smilies for you!

What you have to do, lucky readers, is leave a comment. If you chastise Jaci (in creative and inventive ways) for being mean to me, you get one entry. Rhapsodize about my evil genius, a second entry. And if you can come up with a different way of how you would have gotten even with Jaci for picking on you, a third.
I’ll come back on Monday morning and give prizes to the most creative, as well as to a few for random draw. If the entries are particularly inspiring, I’ll throw in a gift certificate to My Bookstore and More (you can buy Jaci’s release on March 13th with it) as a prize (as a reward for your excellence, despite Jaci’s mean and subversive nature).

Nice Mommy but I DID say Evil Editor. Can’t say I didn’t warn you.