Back to work

Actually, despite all this wild and crazy fun we had on the blog, I have been working. Imagine that. :giggle:

Started a novella that’s due to Samhain by the end of this month. Show Me is going to be hot and sexy and I’m having a lot of fun writing it. It’s a duet piece that will fit with a book my pal Shelley Bradley is writing. They’re sort of connected stories, though the ebooks will release separately, then go to print together. Shelley’s book is titled Watch Me. Both ebooks will be out in July and I’m excited about both (yes, I’m getting peeks at Shelley’s story as she writes it. Dayum, does she write steamy stuff. And I get to see it first. :neener: )

I worked with my Berkley editor yesterday on the back cover copy for Riding Wild, tweaking some of the verbiage. Now it rocks. Here’s what we came up with:

He’s a Harley-riding ex-thief working undercover for the government. She’s a gun-toting ex-socialite hired to protect a valuable museum exhibit. But in her attempt to stop a heist, she never anticipated having her breath and her heart stolen…

Mac Canfield was the last man Lily West expected to see again, never mind aim her gun at. But here he was, the bad boy who’d broken her heart years ago-still a thief, this time high-jacking a priceless artifact–and it was all she could do to push aside the memories of how it felt to have his perfectly chiseled body next to hers.

Mac was no less shocked to see the beautiful girl-next-door all grown up, threatening to shoot him on the spot. Little did she know she was blowing his cover-and now he had to figure out how to get her out of harm’s way without succumbing to his crazy desire to take her on a hot trip down memory lane.

Unfortunately, Lily has no intention of going anywhere with Mac. Which means he has to resort to kidnapping. Unless, of course, she agrees to let him take her for the kind of ride destined to drive them both unbelievably wild…

So what do you think? This is the book I just turned into Berkley, and it’ll release in Feburary 2008. Can’t wait!

But for now it’s back to working on my novella.

What are y’all workin on, doing, enjoying, reading, etc?