Thursday Thirteen #17


1. Traffic? Wazzat?

2. Crime? :neener: Often we forget to put the garage door down when we go to bed.

3. We live on an acre and a half. We could have sex in our back yard at night and our neighbors wouldn’t know it. Not that we’d ever, ever do that. :sasmokin:

4. When I drive up to my pharmacy, the pharmacist smiles and pulls out my prescription. I never have to tell him my name.

5. People at the grocery store are friendly. Actually, people everywhere are friendly. You smile, they smile back. They say hello. Dude, I lived in California for 13 years. So doesn’t happen there.

6. If someone breaks into our house, we can shoot them. And we won’t be prosecuted. Seriously. Actually, we can shoot them if we even think they’re going to break into our house. Seriously. So, uh, call first before you show up.

7. You can park your cars on the lawn. And yes, we have a couple parked on the side yard. There’s only so much driveway, ya know. However, we have no couches or appliances on our front porch :giggle:

8. I can enjoy small town living, but in 15 minutes I can be in a major city, with all the amenities a major city has to offer.

9. We can afford to live here. Ahhhhhh.

10. I can stand outside in the dark and actually see the stars. Thousands and thousands of them.

11. When it snows, you can hook up a sled behind your truck and tow it down the middle of the street. With kids on it. And no one will write you a ticket.

12. On the Fourth of July, we can shoot off Fireworks. I’m not talking those chintzy ass sparklers, either, but big honkin monster fireworks. In our front yard. And it’s legal.

13. Small post office. No waiting in line. Friendly people work there. No, I’m not kidding.

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