Yesterdays Fast Draft Progress…and shopping!

20 pages yesterday! :hips:

Then Biker Dude wanted to go to the mall. Big mistake on his part. I haven’t been shopping in awhile. And my birthday is tomorrow (ugly milestone birthday, but we’re just not going there). And our daughter works at one of my favorite stores there.

I got a new pair of jeans, a tank top, a t-shirt, and my daughter pointed out a great top that would look awesome at a conference or booksigning, so I had to get that, then found a pair of long black capri shorts that looked great with it, and I already have a cute pair of heels that just top the outfit off. The shirt black with white dots and red buttons. You just have to see it. Someday I’ll take pics. Anyway, huge shopping haul that I’m calling my birthday present. Biker Dude was pleased…less shopping angst on his part. :giggle:

This morning I’m at Biker Dude’s office helping out for a few hours, then back home for the writing job. I’m running behind on copy edits due to the shopping excursion last night. Oops. Must make up for that today. And get in some writing time.

What’s on your weekend agenda?