Monday Monday

My birthday yesterday was great. The milestone passed without too much pain (other than snarky phone calls from one of my sons, my older brother and a lot of ribbing from Biker Dude, but that was expected :loser: ). I had a wonderful day, got some great pressies, didn’t do a damn thing work related, watched the Daytona 500, went out to dinner and now it’s over, thankfully. Back to work.

I didn’t do any writing this weekend, because these copyedits for Hunting the Demon are due back to Bantam this week, so I want to get that finished first. I’m hoping to rip through those and get them done, then jump back on the Fast Draft train as soon as I get copyedits out of the way. I don’t want to stall my writing progress, though, which means I have to hustle through the copyedit process and get those done without stopping. I made a lot of progress this weekend, so maybe I can finish those up today. Hopefully.

So this week’s list:

1. Finish copyedits for Hunting the Demon

2. Jump back into Fast Draft for Riding Wild, and hopefully get that book finished (ha. We’ll see)

That’s it and all I’m doing this week.

What’s on your agenda? Anyone else starting Fast Draft to get those mega daily pages? I can always use company, ya know.