The Weekend in Review (With Pictures) and The Week Ahead (aka The To Do List)

The Booksigning at Barnes & Noble Friday night was great! Well attended and B&N did a fabulous job. I had a great time and we almost ran out of Surviving Demon Island, which was a very good thing.

Pic above is me, PC Cast and Elle James. (don’t ask about that expression on my face. I blame Biker Dude, the photographer, for not capturing me in a good moment.)

And speaking of Biker Dude, does he clean up well or what? :love:

Saturday morning was puppy grooming day. Thank God, because the little beasties really needed a haircut. They’ve been harboring small pine trees in their fur. I think they must crawl on their bellies when they go outside. But aren’t they cute?

That’s Bella on the left and Jaz on the right.

And I even managed to get a little writing done on the weekend.

So, enough of that.

This week, I’m letting one of my characters run amok. Yes, probably not a good idea, but you know how they rule my life. Gina from Surviving Demon Island has decided that she’s going to sound off over on Magical Minxes from now on. She, along with other fabulous paranormal vixens, will be baring their souls (let’s hope that’s all they bare) every week. Please go check them out. I’ll have to keep a very close eye on her.

Now for this week’s to do list:

1. Write like hell on Riding Wild because ye olde deadline is looming in a big way. :hide:

2. Keep an eye on Gina over on Magical Minxes

3. Try to remember that Wednesday is Valentine’s Day. :heart:

Clearly that’s enough to do this week. What’s on your agenda?