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So this being a new year and all, I’m thinking of making a few changes to what I blog about. I like doing my To Do list on Mondays. It helps me when I refer back to it, and hopefully spurs others to get one going. It’s all about organization, ya know.

And I do enjoy Thursday Thirteen. It gets me out of my rut of visiting the same blogs over and over, or not getting out and visiting blogs at all. I learn so much about people doing the TT, so I’ll continue that on Thursdays.

But there are other things I’m thinking about blogging. So I’m interested in opinions from those of you out there who read my blog. What do you like to see in blogland? I’m thinking of talking about promotion, because it’s near and dear to my heart and I think it’s key for authors. And I love to talk about books I’ve read and books coming out and the buzz about books because face it–we’re all readers. I want to have some guest authors on here to talk about some interesting topics like promo and the writing process too, because everyone does it differently. I’ve also been cooking a lot lately (my stress relief) and I’ve got some great recipes. I might start posting some of those.

So tell me, bloggers….toss out some topics you’d like me to talk about. Anything interesting or intriguing you that you don’t see discussed, anything you want me to talk about, anything you think is talked to death and if you see it on another blog you’re going to tear your hair out?