The Sudden Appearance of Heretofore Unplotted Secondary Characters

So I’m writing along in Born To Be Wild, and Jessie appears.

Who is Jessie, you ask?

Good question. I asked myself the very same thing, since I didn’t plot her in the book, or anywhere else in the series, for that matter. But there she was, showing up in a scene with Mac and Lily, my hero and heroine.

And once she started talking, she wouldn’t shut up. Just plopped herself on the grass in the middle of this bike rally, told her life story and I just sat there in awe of her.

(I’m just the typist, ya know).

So yes, Jessie is staying in this book. She just appears in this one scene, but she is so going to be a major character in another book in this series. She has one hell of a history and a dynamic personality. I haven’t figured out who she’s going to be paired with yet, but I fell in love with her. And one of my Harley dudes is going to go crazy over her. :charlie:

Does this happen to anyone else? Do characters pop into your books out of nowhere? Unplanned, unplotted, as if they just zapped into your story out of thin air?

Sometimes it’s rather annoying because they can potentially screw up a carefully plotted book or scene. Othertimes they can be a hell of a lot of fun because they add a twist on that book, or a future book.

Though I hadn’t planned on her, I was glad Jessie popped into my book. She’s going to add a little spice and a lot of zest to my series. :stir: