Melani Blazer’s SeXTC

My pal Melani Blazer has a new book released today from Ellora’s Cave!

I read this book and it’s funny, sexy, hot hot hot, romantic and you don’t want to miss it!

It’s a quickie (don’t you love that word? Quickie? hehehe) so it’s a nice fast read. You can Buy It Here at Ellora’s Cave.


When Kyla gets her hands on a copy of SeXTC—the underground magazine devoted entirely to carnal pleasures—Dr. Sex’s article on masturbation has her joining right in. Flushed with the afterglow, she drops him an email thanking him–intending to be as anonymous as the doctor himself.

Donovan, otherwise known as Dr. Sex, can’t believe the email he’s received from a coworker. When the expert and the novice get together to explore their wild sides, sparks fly and feelings Donovan doesn’t expect emerge. Unfortunately, Kyla refuses to believe she’s anything more to him than research. There’s a lot he’s willing to do for a story—giving up Kyla isn’t one of them.

Mel even graciously offered up an excerpt for me to tease you with


“Okay, so you’ve met me, now what?”

Donovan would not be deterred. Kyla was nervous. He could just imagine the throbbing of her pulse against her neck, especially right above her collarbone where he was dying to taste her. When he touched her back to guide her through a thick band of traffic on the sidewalk, she tensed. At least she didn’t pull away.

“Well, sugar, if it were up to me, I’d take you home and you, me and this rose could get better acquainted.”

She stopped, heedless of the traffic around them. Her sultry, brown eyes widened and her mouth formed a perfect O.

He was seriously going to have to rearrange his cock or soon he wouldn’t be able to walk. “C’mon,” he said with a laugh. “Can’t believe I could actually shock you. But at least I’m honest.”

She started walking again, her natural gait causing her hips to sway. Holy hell, those snug fitting black pants that hugged her curves and left very little to his imagination. Shame her white blouse was loose. He could only faintly see the bounce of her breasts. God, what a vision she’d make naked.

“You scare me the way you’re looking at me.”

“Fine, then I’ll take you for coffee and we can talk until you’re not so scared. I’ll even try to refrain from looking at you.”


“No coffee? Want something stronger?” He was not letting her get away.

“Oh no,” she was quick to answer that one. “I want all my wits about me when I’m dealing with you.”

There was definitely chemistry between them. She reacted to his touch and his words. He rarely was set off balance around women, and while he knew exactly what he wanted with Kyla, he wasn’t sure how to get it.

“Well?” he prompted.

She sighed. “Don’t make me regret this. I’ll go with you to your place. But just ‘cause I wanna talk—get to know you. I have a feeling our conversation isn’t going to be one I want anyone overhearing.”

“C’mon, shocking people is my specialty.”

“You’re not ashamed of anything, are you?”

He knew a challenge when he saw one. He also saw her relax, just a bit. Her smile was genuine and she didn’t turn away when he met and held her gaze. “Nope. I am who I am.”

She sucked in her bottom lips and bit down on it. Blood rushed to his groin. He wanted to do that to her.

“So, since we’ve established you’re an honest man and you’re not out to scare me—what do you want with me?”