Thursday Thirteen #10

Thirteen Things That Make Me Pick Up And Buy A Book

13 Things That Make Me Pick Up (And Buy) A Book

In no particular order of importance here

1. The cover

2. The back cover blurb

3. An excerpt that intrigues me

4. A recommendation from someone whose reading tastes are similar to mine

5. A really clever advertising campaign (have seen a few in Romantic Times magazine that were just great)

6. Word of mouth

7. Big buzz…especially in blogland

8. My mood at the time. Sometimes I want funny, sometimes I want dark. Sometimes I want reallllllly romantic.

9. The author is an autobuy for me

10. If I’ve received an ARC from an author, I will buy their book. It’s only fair (hint hint…send me ARCs)

11. The book just released is part of a series I’m reading

12. The author is one of my friends. I always support my friends

13. It’s a nonrelated-to-romance topic I’m interested in. Right now I’m into Rachael Ray’s cookbooks in a big way.

So what makes you pick up a book and buy it?

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