I Need A WordPress Expert

So here’s where I admit that the only thing I really know how to do in WordPress is how to blog. Oh I can add links and kill spam and do some of the simple tasks, but making any changes to the sidebar and stuff? Not me. I’m completely and utterly technologically inept. I have wonderful friends who have been doing that for me (I love Shan and Angie). But my friends are exeptionally busy and don’t have the time to keep up with my constant demands :giggle:

So I’m sending a shout out to y’all. Do you know WordPress? Can you help me make some changes to my blog? I want to upload some covers, add review quotes, change my counter and my countdown and things like that.

If you can help me, I can pay in ARCs of my upcoming books. *grin*

Email me at jaci@jaciburton.com