Crazy MeMeMe

Chey tagged me with a mememe that isn’t easy (I hate when I have to think….)

So here goes

Five Crazy Things About Me:

1. My house is a cluttered mess. I am not a neat freak. Yet I can’t stand having dishes in my sink. Drives me nuts!

2. I have a complete and utter aversion to pantyhose and will never, EVER wear them again. No doubt due to spending countless years in the corporate world, which I do not miss and won’t go back to. No pantyhose. I’ll tan my legs and will go pantyhose-less with a suit (I don’t really ever want to wear a suit again, either, but I will if I have to), but you aren’t getting me in pantyhose ever. Never never never!

3. Biker dude says I fuss way too much about my hair. Like all the time. I worry that it looks like crap, and he says it looks ‘fine’. (Of course, ‘fine’ to a guy could run the gamut from ‘Looks awesome babe’ to ‘Your hair looks like shit, woman’…so maybe he just needs to learn better adjectives and then I wouldn’t fuss over my hair so much :neener: )

4. Chey used this one and I will too. I can’t multitask my writing. One thing at a time or my brain implodes. Really inconvenient too, because I’m multi-contracted and sometimes deadlines overlap. :dammit: Which means I might need to be writing one book, revising another and working on copyedits for another. And I can’t do them simultaneously. 😥

5. I am completely paranoid and an utter basketcase about my writing. Just ask anyone who’s had writing conversations with me. They’ll confirm this. (For confirmation, see Angie, Mel, Shan, Mandy, Lara, Larissa, Steph, Jackie, Colleen….oh wait…this list is getting too long. Just how many people have I told about my writing neuroses anyway? :chair:)

I’m tagging Angie (who won’t do it, I’ll bet, but I keep tagging her anyway :neener:), Mel, Shan, Mandy, Lara, Steph, Larissa, Jackie and Colleen.