An interview with “Hells Belles” Jezebel

I read Jackie Kessler’s HELLS BELLES and fell madly in love with Jezebel. See…Jezebel is a demon. And what’s really interesting about that is in my book, Surviving Demon Island, my heroine, Gina Bliss, kills demons. But Jezzie in Hells Belles is one great demon…or former demon. So Jackie and I thought it would be fun to have our characters interview each other.

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Howdy y’all. Gina Bliss here from Surviving Demon Island, about to interview Jezebel from Jackie Kessler’s Hells Belles. Jezebel is a demon. I’m a demon hunter. I kill her kind. Makes for a unique interview, don’t you think? But since Jezzie can’t really do her demon stuff anymore because she’s sort of mortal now, I think we can do this. Jezzie has promised to behave, as much as she’s able to behave anyway. And I’ve promised not to kill her. So let’s move on.

Gina: Jezebel, I understand you had a little problem with Hell and had to make a quick exit? How’s that workin for ya?

Jezebel: ‘Little problem.’ Yeah, you could say that me and the lower-downs don’t really see eye-to-eye on some things. So far, so good: a witch turned me into a human, which got me off the Evil radar. And I stole…er, borrowed a spiffy Shield Against Evil, so I don’t have to worry about accidentally using my demonic powers and negating the whole human-spell thing. I’m trying not to sweat over the bounty hunters chasing me…

Gina: What’s mortal life like? A little different than the easy life of a demon isn’t it?

Jezebel: Heh. Definitely different. You people are real in a way I couldn’t appreciate before. Take taste, for instance. Sure, as a demon, I tasted things—you know, like souls—but they never really left an impression. Well, except for souls. Those ALWAYS tasted good. But eating chocolate? Being human is worth it for that alone. Not to mention actually being on the receiving end of getting seduced…heh… The only thing that I’m having trouble with so far is drinking milk. Bless me, how do you people stand that?

Gina: Hey, I like milk…but I totally get the chocolate thing. So what do you miss most about Hell?

Jezebel: The orgies with the other Seducers. And the shrieks of the damned.

Gina: Speaking of orgies…Sex. Dayum, woman, there’s some serious sex in the book. And obviously, being a succubus makes you an expert. Any tips for those who just can’t manage to build a fire in the bedroom? How do you make it so friggin’ hot?

Jezebel: Sweetie, like I have to tell YOU how to light a fire in the bedroom? Hah!

Let’s see… Don’t worry about what you’re doing, or how you’re doing, or what your lover’s thinking. Just be in the moment. Listen to your body. Maybe Lust is a deadly sin, but it’s also a Hell of a lot of fun. Give into it. Enjoy how your body moves, how it feels, how your partner feels…And if you really can’t get into it but you want to do your man right, get some chocolate syrup and pour it over his dick, and slurp away.

Gina: Is it hot in here or is it just me? Okay, moving right along, can demons make mortals do anything you want? Especially guys? Because guys don’t always do that, ya know? They’re stubborn, opinionated, pain in the asses. I know this from personal experience with a certain guy. I mean I love him and all but it would be nice if he’d occasionally see things MY way.

Jezebel: There are rules. Always rules. So, if you play by them…then demons can influence only those humans who’re headed for a Hot Seat. (Unless the demons are attacked; self-defense is perfectly acceptable.)

But what would you want your man to do? See things from your point of view? I know this witch who’d probably be happy to transform him into a woman, for a small price…

Gina: Oh I think I like my man as a man, thanks. So how did you feel about what Jackie put you through in Hells Belles? You had a really rough time of it. Are you two friends?

Jezebel: Jackie has control issues. She thinks she can control me. Or Paul. Or Daun. Heh. I say, allow Jackie her delusions. When I want her to write, she stays up until two in the morning to get the words down. Sure, she gets my head bashed in, and the whole giving up everything I’d ever known part sort of sucked. But she’s the one who’s constantly sleep-deprived. Hah!

Gina: Yeah, I get that too. We can make them pay, can’t we? Okay, so what’s the attraction to Paul? What made him different, special for you?

Jezebel: Oh, those eyes…that nose with its bump that tells me it’s been broken at least once in his life…his smile, so full of mischief and secrets…that body, built to take a licking and keep on ticking…those hands, so strong and talented…and bless me, that penis…

I can’t believe I’m going to say this—it has to be the rush of human hormones or something. I used to be a succubus, for Hell’s sake. But I’m going to say it. It doesn’t matter what he looks like, or how amazing [FANS SELF] he is as a lover. There’s something about Paul, this sense of giving, trusting, caring, all wrapped up in passion…I guess that’s love. I’d kill anyone who tried to hurt him. Gah. I’m a sad, sad former demon, aren’t I?

Gina: *snort* I know the feeling. That whole falling in love thing just makes us weak in the knees, doesn’t it? Now in the book you have to take on the appearance of a mortal woman, and now you’re kind of stuck with that look. How do you feel about that? And if you could change your appearance, how would you make yourself look?

Jezebel: In hindsight, I should have knocked on the door of a super model. Granted, I wouldn’t have had any magical help whatsoever, but the clothing and the accessories would have been to die for. Huh, and I probably would have died. Hmm. Okay, I guess I’m glad I got away with what I did. But fuck me, why couldn’t I be taller?

Gina: Is sex different in mortal form than in demon form? I mean, I know how great mortal sex is. Are demons any different in the sack than mortal guys?

Jezebel: Ooh, it’s MUCH different. As a succubus, everything felt damn good. It’s how I was wired, you know? But mortals feel things differently than demons. And bless me, orgasms now, as a human, are on a completely different level. As for who’s a better lover, a mortal man or an incubus…well, let’s just say that while an incubus will undoubtedly have better technique, an incubus can’t love—and love during sex can make a HUGE difference.

Gina: *sigh* Yeah, it’s so much better with love, and I never thought I’d be the kind of girl to say that. Okay, so what’s your favorite place to shop?

Jezebel: Bloomingdales. Yum! (Especially when I don’t have to pay for anything.)

Gina: Demon male or human male? Which is better and why?

Jezebel: There’s something to be said about the hybrid approach (and not in the way you’re thinking): screwing a possessed mortal has all the yummy sensation that goes with all things human AND über-fabulous demonic stamina.

But take note: if you’re mortal, the LAST thing you want to do is have sex with a demon. Trust me on this. Because unless you’re very lucky, it WILL be the last thing you do. (Granted, you’ll go to Hell with a big ol’ smile on your face, but still…)

Gina: Demons….blech. Your demons are sure a hell of a lot different than my demons. Daun, for instance. *drool* Daun is wickedly yummy. Any fun plans for him in the future? Does Jezzie get to keep him around or do you think Paul have issues with that?

Jezebel: Heh. I can tell you that Daun plays an important role in The Road to Hell, as does Paul—and that Daun gets his own book in Hotter Than Hell. Any more than that, and Jackie will do something truly Evil to me, like make sure I get a period that lasts an entire novel. [SHUDDER]. But yeah, Jackie has major plans for Daun and Paul…and both males will have issues about that. Neener neener.

Gina: I can’t wait to read about that! So….Shoes or underwear shopping?

Jezebel: Wait, I have to CHOOSE? Why not BOTH?

Gina: Friendship, trust and betrayal are big issues in the book. Do you think that’s as big an issue with mortals? Do you crave having mortal girlfriends to buddy around with now that you’re in human form? And if so, what qualities would you look for in a girl pal?

Jezebel: I’m still new to the being mortal thing, but yeah, it looks like humans have lots wrapped up with the idea of trust. That’s probably because humans lie to themselves. One thing about demons: they lie, but never to themselves.

As for a mortal girlfriend (platonic, right?), I’m pretty open to this. It would be FABULOUS to have someone to go shopping with. Maybe someone I could, you know, count on. You know, someone who would loan me a G-string in a pinch.

Gina: So in the book you take on a job as a stripper. Do you enjoy baring all for a bunch of strange guys? Is it a power thing or what?

Jezebel: Hey, after 4,000 years as a succubus, what was I supposed to do—be a telemarketer? Besides, I love moving my body to music. And being naked. And the whole getting money for dancing and getting naked? Not too shabby. It’s not as good as, say, having sex with all the customers. But it’s a nice consolation prize. Profession. Whatever.

Gina: Do what you do best, right? Okay, let’s play a game–Top 5 Mortal celebrity males you’d “do” in a heartbeat.

Jezebel: Wait, I have to limit it to five? Huh. Okay…

Matt Damon. Drenched in chocolate.
Antonio Banderas Oh, bless me, those eyes, that voice…
Taye Diggs. Perfect. Absolutely perfect.
Aaron Kwok. How the man can move…
Justin Hartley. Have you seen him in tights? [FANS SELF]

Gina: Mmmmm, good choices. Now how about worst thing about being human?

Milk, hands down. Blech. Oh, and the way you’ve got to do the leg-mowing, arm-pit shaving, eyebrow tweezing, hair-styling, mascara-pumping shit. Being a human female is fucking time-consuming! And all the stupid emotions you people have—bless me, how mortals don’t all go crazy from getting bombarded with…feelings…I’ll never understand. [SHUDDER]

Gina: I agree. Grooming is a pain in the ass. How about best thing about being human?

Jezebel: The sex. Even though it’s a lot messier to clean up than it was when I was a demon. Ooh, and chocolate. Wait – make that sex AND chocolate. Yeah, definitely sex and chocolate. Yum…

Gina: If you could go back to being a demon, without any repercussions from the big guy down there, would you or wouldn’t you, and why or why not?

Jezebel: And this comes into play, in a BIG way, in THE ROAD TO HELL. November 2007. Yes, this is a shameless plug. I have no shame. (I AM a former demon, after all.)

Gina: What’s your favorite part of Hells Belles?

Jezebel: [GRIN] The sex.

Gina: I’m sensing Jezebel has a one track mind.

That’s it folks… And as you can see, Jezzie is a lot of fun to hang out with, even if she is a demon.

Get this book…you’ll enjoy it as much as I did. On sale now!