Happy New Years Eve and things!!!

For those of you heading out into the wilds of the world tonight, do be careful amongst the crazies. Especially the crazy drivers.

Biker dude and I will probably go out for an early dinner, then hide in our house and watch movies, content to avoid the idiots around here who can’t even drive sober, let alone once they’ve downed a few.

So I’ve heard from several people that Surviving Demon Island has been spotted at Wal Mart and Walgreens and the like. Let me know if you see it at any of the discount stores, drugstores or grocery stores. Or let me know if you’ve bought it. Or let me know if you’ve read it yet. :giggle:

And stay tuned…tomorrow I’m putting up an interview between Gina Bliss, my heroine from Surviving Demon Island, and Jezebel, Jackie Kessler’s character in her just about to be released book, Hells Belles. You don’t want to miss this! :fire:

And go congratulate Larissa Ione! Her first book, a novella in Secrets, Volume 18 released today! Make sure to order yourself a copy…I just did!

Happy New Year!!!!