Thursday Thirteen #2

Thirteen Indulgences

1. Getting my nails done every 2 weeks

2. Having my eyebrows waxed

3. M&M’s (every writer needs chocolate)

4. My housecleaners (hey, I can write full time or I can clean my house. Not both)

5. Getting the pups groomed – tried it ourselves. They looked funny.

6. Eating out a few times a week

7. 4 computers (yeah, it’s just Charlie and me)

8. 2 SUVs, one truck and a Harley (again, yeah, it’s just Charlie and me)

9. Clothes shopping…even though I really don’t go anywhere

10. My Dooney & Bourke purses

11. Clinique Body Butter

12. A back massage from my husband

13. Naps

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