Monday and things

Who let Monday in?

Revisions for Hunting the Demon came Saturday while I was at work. I was busy all weekend, but I did take a little time on Sunday to work on characterization. More on that later. :chair:

World Series tied 1 and 1. Yes, Colleen, Rogers pitched one hell of a game for Detroit last night. Now we head to St Louis and we’ll see how it goes. I’m really enjoying this World Series. Probably because I like Detroit. It’s not like my Cards are playing some team I love to hate…like the Yankees. hehehe

So the to do list for this week:

1. Revisions on Hunting the Demon – this one’s going to consume me for quite some time, so it’ll probably be the main thing on the list for a bit. This week is just characterization on the main and subplot characters and restructuring some of the plotline.

2. Post Office

3. Grocery Store

4. Clean up desk/table area. Gotta find workspace. Gah. Who works in this mess? Oh wait…I do.

5. Await video trailer for Surviving Demon Island…………….it should be ready soon!

What’s on your to do this list week?