Saturday and Writing Thoughts

But I do NOT have the day off. I’m at Charlie’s office working today.

Bleh. But hey, the good news about being at the office today? No laundry. :whoo:

Revisions for Hunting the Demon have not arrived yet. I find myself torn between breathing a huge sigh of relief at the weekend reprieve and anxiously awaiting them, because I really do want to tear into the story and make it better. My editor, though vicious with the editing whip, is phenomenal. She really knows how to dig deep into a story, rip it to shreds all the way down to its most basic, from plot to subplot to every character in the book, and build from the ground up. And though painful as hell, she is absolutely phenomenal in helping me construct a better book. Which is really what I want. She did that for me with Surviving Demon Island. I want the same for Hunting the Demon.

Even if it hurts. :whip:

So this weekend, besides working, will be spent on miscellaneous tasks, mostly involving fiddilng with some plotlines for other books I will be writing in the very near future.

And, of course, laundry.

And tonight is the first game of the World Series! I grew up in St Louis and am a diehard Cardinals fan, so GO CARDS! :cheer:

What’s on everyone’s weekend agenda?