It’s Monday Again?

Geez that damn day comes around a lot doesn’t it?

Time for the to do list again.

A Demon Is Forever is gone. Shipped off to my editor at Bantam. Off my desk. I can’t touch it anymore. You have no idea how much this nauseates me. I really hope she likes it. Let the angsting begin.

But now that ADIF is finished I’m onto my next project – Wild Nights – my Berkley HEAT novella. Wooo hooo! Sex! :boobie:

The To Do List for this week:

1. 7,500 words on Wild Nights
2. Monthly website updates
3. Post office – bleh
4. Make appt for pups at groomer
5. Bio and info page for EC book

That’s it for me. What’s on your to do list this week?